There and Back Again

Hi everyone, I’ve been missing again for the past 2 months but with good reason.  I was struggling with my new job for a bit but now I’m getting more comfortable with it and I’m ready to roll with this blog!

I’ve spent a good chunk of my time brushing up on the necessary skills required for my new job and it’s tough because I’ve never done what I’m doing now before.  But it gives me so much more satisfaction compared to my previous job; therefore I won’t complain.  I’ve recently incorporated running as part of my exercise routine, although I haven’t officially started, I’ve read up tons of information on the proper techniques for running.  Runner’s World is a great website to check out if you’re considering taking up running as a form of exercise.  There some great info for beginners, appropriate shoes & gear to buy, nutrition for runners and tons of great articles.

Before I ramble on, I should stick to the objective of this blog, which is healthy eating and regular exercise leads to a healthier me.  So let’s recap what I had today.



I love Kashi H2H Honey Toasted Oat Cereal.  This is the only cereal that can keep me full for a few hours.  I gobbled mine down this morning with milk and 1/2 a banana before rushing off for a meeting.  As for lunch, I packed a tortilla wrap filled with refried beans (El Paso), chopped butterhead lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, cucumbers, avocado and some picante sauce.  I had to foil wrap it to prevent it from tearing apart.  it worked really well, i just tore the top part of the foil and munched on the wrap without the veggies falling all over the place! Yum…


I wanted coffee in the afternoon, but I was too busy that I’ve completely forgotten about it!  It’s a good thing cause I got to save some $$$ 🙂  Dinner tonight was Chinese vegetarian takeout as I still had to work on some report at home.  The food was blah..:(

DSCN0575Wanton noodle, which was tasteless.  It’s like eating plain noodles with hot water.


The nasi lemak tasted old.  But we were too hungry to complain further and finished both.  After that, we shared a bowl of chocolate Sara Lee’s chocolate ice-cream, which was about a cup and I had 1/2.


This was gone in about 2 minutes and I forgot to take a picture when it was looking more presentable. 😦

I got to get some sleep unless I plan to be a zombie tomorrow.  It’s now 1:26am and I’ve got to be at work before 8:30am!!!



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