Bright & Early

Good morning!  It’s been a short night.  I fell asleep instantly when my head hit the pillow yesterday night and woke up feeling refreshed after only 4 1/2 hours of sleep??   This doesn’t make sense but I’m feeling great and that’s all that matters.

I’m now building a to-do list for the day (and blogging) while eating my breakfast in the office at 7:45am! 🙂


I’ve wanted to make oatmeal but I just don’t have time in the morning.  Maybe next time I’ll make my oatmeal in the night and store it in the fridge, so in the morning I can have cold oats. 🙂  I have 1/2 a banana thrown into this bowl and I think it has been buried underneath the cereal. 1 cup of Kashi H2H with fresh milk.  I call this the express breakfast because nothing is easier than pouring cereal into a bowl and adding milk into it.  I made a yummy lunch and can’t wait to blog about it later today.  Also I might be having coffee at a Starbucks near my office with Cathy who recently managed to find her dog through massive notice distribution.  I would like to talk to her and see how we can do the same for Arjun as well.  I might go running this evening if I can get out of work on time and the weather is nice.

Have a good day everyone!


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