Busy Bee

Meals for the past few days had been random and the “throw together” type because work piled up on me. :(  We ordered takeout A LOT and it was mostly from the vegetarian place we always like to go.

I’ve managed to make a decent lunch today but breakfast was extremely unhealthy…coffee and a cinnamon roll = caffeine and sugar (yikes!!)


But the San Francisco Coffee vanilla latte tasted so good, the cinnamon roll was just ok, nothing spectacular.

Lunch – Think Green

Lunch was a bed of greens today, but unfortunately, I forgot my dressing again!! sad  I poured some balsamic vinegar into a bottle this morning and left it on the table while packing my lunch!  I’m now munching on the greens without dressing. cry The bright side of it is that I’ve discovered that putting toasted nuts into the salad makes it taste so much better.  Thumbs up for toasted almond flakes.


This salad is huge, I’ve barely made a dent and tonight we’ll be making minestrone & garlic bread for dinner, more veggies!

The very green salad combo:

– romaine

– celery

– steamed asparagus

– steamed snow peas

– cucumbers

– cherry tomatoes

– grapes

– yellow bell pepper

– onions

– avocado

– toasted almond flakes

Tonight I’ll have to some catch up on housework (laundry/ironing) and also to complete part of a report for a deadline tomorrow afternoon.  My new job is full of deadlines an I need to be very organized in order to stay on track and luckily Todoist and Google calendar are here to help. mrgreen


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