Too many chores, too little time

I was awake at 4.30AM to day and Ramin & I ventured out to get some things done.  We came home with groceries and I immediately started on my report.  The due date is looming and I still have lots to do. sad  I made an omelet for brunch as i was craving for some eggs and had it with 2 pieces of toast.


3 eggs with yellow bell pepper, onions, spinach & cheddar cheese., with 2 pieces of raisin bread on the side.  Also a serving of fruits leftover from my lunch the other day (kiwi, mango & pear).

We had Domino’s pizza yesterday night for dinner as I was too lazy to cook and we didn’t really feel like going out too far for dinner.  We ordered 2 large pizza and I had 3 slices and 2 pieces of garlic breadstix.  It wasn’t very good but it was fast and required no cooking.


2 slices of veggie galore (tomatoes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms) and a slice of plain cheese.


We had a great dinner with our friends yesterday night at an Indian restaurant in Bangsar, adjacent to my office.  The place is called Indian Kitchen and they serve authentic northern & southern Indian cuisine.  The food tasted fresh, non-oily and I can actually taste all the different ingredients in a dish individually unlike some places where they will put more salt and oil to cover the flaws of their cooking.  Although it’s quite expensive, I highly recommend it if you’re taking friends or family out to dinner for special occasions  and looking for delicious, clean authentic Indian cooking.  The only complain I had about this place was the service was extremely slow.  Our drinks arrived towards the end of our meal! And we waited for the food for more than 1/2 hour.  But we weren’t really rushing to go anywhere and the food served were steaming hot and freshly cooked, and they did have a full house yesterday night.

I ordered a vegetable biryani (spiced rice with vegetables), vegetable kuchal (soft bread with stuffed vegetables), and a Gobi 65 (spiced battered fried cauliflower).  Our friends ordered palak paneer (spinach with cottage cheese), bhindi masala (ladies fingers in spices) & a prawn biryani.  They also ordered a vegetable pakora (deep fried battered vegetables for appetizer.



My first plate, vegetable pakora with chili sauce for dipping.


My second plate (L to R) – Prawn biryani, palak paneer & bhindi masala.  My favourite was the bhindi masala, ladies fingers cooked with cumin, coriander, tomatoes, onions, garlic, turmeric.  The palak paneer was really good too with the spinach pureed and cubed fresh paneer added in.

Third plate biggrin


vegetable biryani, soft bread with vegetable filling, more bhindi masala & palak paneer, gobi 65.  I ordered a mango lassi to drink. (fresh mangoes with yogurt & ice)


My stomach was feeling unwell after this dinner, probably due to overeating and I had indigestion the whole night. cry  I woke up in the morning feeling sluggish and decided to have something light for breakfast, fruits didn’t seem appealing so I settled for a bowl of H2H with a banana and milk.


We were to meet someone for lunch in the afternoon but we weren’t sure if the place suggested by a friend is good, so I reheated the last of Thursday night’s pasta and ate it before I went.

I ended up ordering some noodles and deep fried veggies at the restaurant because it looked so tempting, and I was a tiny bit hungry.  I felt sick after the meal because there was too much oil in the fried veggies.  Yikes!!

I hate getting behind in meal posts because it feels so disoriented with a breakfast here and a dinner there.  I’m making something simple tonight so that I can get back to my report ASAP!  rice, salted eggs, ladies fingers and french beans are on the menu.  See you after dinner!


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