Rush = Bad Meal Choices

Hi everyone, sorry for the delayed meal posts since Monday! 😕 I have been busy working on a big presentation for a meeting on Tuesday, and I had to travel way out for a meeting outside the city, hence the delayed posts. 😦 Plus I was not able to eat healthy throughout this whole ordeal because I simply could not find time to prepare any meals.  We had takeout 2 days in a row, plus lunch out as well. Yikes!!!

Monday – Dinner

We had vegetarian take out again on Monday night because I reached home late from work and simply can’t bear taking out pots and pans to prepare a meal, so we had noodles again!


Crunchy noodles in egg and vegetable gravy.


I also ordered thick noodles in brown gravy & vinegar for the first time, it wasn’t very good. 😦  I didn’t want to waste food, so I finished it.

Tuesday – Breakfast

I woke up at 6.30AM and was rushing to get ready for a meeting outside the city.  The boyfriend dropped me off and drove on to take the dogs to the vet.  It was a chaotic morning, but I managed to reach the remote office site on time thanks to the boyfriend’s skillful driving. 🙂  We did miss a major turning and had to make a huge round back but I was still on time!

I had a Go Natural walnut, date & maple breakfast bar in the car.  I bought this at the Village Grocer and it was pretty good.  I like the fact that it wasn’t so sweet and it has got wholegrains, oats, barley, crushed flaxseed & rye flakes, walnuts, poppyseed,  pure maple syrup and dates in it.  The subtle sweetness from the maple syrup and dates makes it pleasant in a none artificial way.  This 40g bar is about 168kcal.  This bar alone were not able to tide my hunger because I missed the other food groups, like protein, dairy, carb and fibre.  I waa hungry around 11.30AM, 3 hours after.



I had lunch at the offsite office’s cafeteria.  I went for Indian vegetarian and the food was quite decent.


I was greedy and wanted to try everything that looks good.  I had about 1/2 cup of rice, and on the plate: spinach in dal, tofu in dark soy sauce, tofu in chili, ladies fingers, fried bittergourd (it was oily & soggy), 2 curried tofu puffs and some papadam (dahl chips).  I also ordered an ice leamon tea to drink.

I was in a meeting until 5pm and had to take the bus back to the city to be picked up by the boyfriend.  I had a raisin & apple fruit bar while waiting at the bus station.


Dinner wasn’t until midnight!!! After retrieving the boyfriend’s car from the vet (long story), we reached home around 11:30PM and I fed the dogs, took a shower and heated up yesterday’s take out dinner of fried rice and sambal petai, not very healthy at all but food was the last thing on my mind then.


Today – Breakfast, Lunch

Another Go Natural breakfast bar, sorry no picture as I was in the car with a puppy on my lap.  I also had an iced latte mid morning as I was practically dozing off while battling with my Excel report. redface


I bought lunch from the cafeteria downstairs and ate it at my place.

dscn0443About 1/2 cup rice, tofu puff and bittergourd in sauce, curried potatoes, eggs with french beans ,pok choi stir fried and some pickled vegetables stir fried in oyster sauce.  I didn’t touch the rice but ate all the veggies.

Haven’t decided what’s for dinner tonight but definitely will be cooking.  See you after dinner! 🙂


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