Mobile Monday Malaysia Launch

Mobile Monday Malaysia was launched today at The Regent, Kuala Lumpur.  Out of curiosity, I dropped by to check out the launch. Judging by the attendance, it seemed many people were aware of the launch.  I wouldn’t have known about it myself if it wasn’t for my friend who passed me the information.
Before I attended the launch, I went to the website to check what Mobile Monday is all about.  Mobile Monday is a community set up for professionals to establish business contacts and business opportunities within and outside the country.  The objective of the community is to nurture a business relationship among mobile professionals, share ideas and business best practices through virtual and live networking events.

The main sponsor for this launch is Nokia, followed by other technology companies.  It seemed that Maxis (Malaysia’s most prominent mobile operator) is playing a major role in ensuring that this community will receive favourable response from local professionals as well as to ensure the continuation of this community.  An executive from Maxis did a briefing on the Maxis Developer Program, encouraging technology companies or individuals to join this program and receive guidance and incentives from Maxis on mobile applications development.  An executive from Nokia gave a presentation on Mobile TV that will be used on the Nokia N92 Communicator.  According to the Mobile Monday site – "The Malaysian Mondays are organized every month in Kuala Lumpur by Wunderwerke Sdn. Bhd. and Ramgs Venture Sdn. Bhd. Everyone interested is welcome to participate. MobileMonday welcomes speakers who have some something to share with the community."

I have been a member of several non-profit professional and software developer communities that have built up a lot of hype in the beginning and then completely vanished after some time because of mismanagement.  Hopefully, Mobile Monday Malaysia will not end up like one of these ill fated communities.

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