Marco’s Pizza

I went to Marco’s Pizza yesterday for dinner, a newly opened pizza parlour in Taman Megah, across from the Kelana Jaya LRT station.  The interior decor was impressive, but the pizzas were below average.  We ordered a vegetarian pizza and a type of beef peperoni pizza with anchovies in it called Ala Americana.
While waiting for our pizzas to arrive, I was looking around the pizza parlour, soaking  in the atmosphere and observing how the business operates.  Spacious seatings, waiters and waitresses in white uniforms, I got a glimpse of the kitchen that looks quite clean and organized,  pizzas are made in a separate area outside the kitchen with it’s own oven,  and a brigth and colorful dining environment.  Huge TVs everywhere showing a football match with loud Hitz FM  music playing in the background.  Not my ideal dining place cause it gives me a headache and the noise distracts me from tasting and concentrating on the food.  Then our pizzas arrived, first the Ala Americana followed by the vegetarian pizza.  The Americana tasted alright until I bit into a piece of anchovy.  It was too fishy for my liking and it doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the pizza.  The beef peperoni, cheese and mushrooms alone would had been fine.
When we saw a vegetarian pizza on the menu, we did not hesitate to order it because we try to eat as little meat as possible when we are dining out.  But this was a big mistake, for we’ve forgotten to ask them what kind of "seasonal vegetables" they will be putting into the pizza.  We ended up having aubergine, snowpeas and mushrooms in our pizza.  This is the oddest vegetarian pizza that I have ever eaten.  It reminded me of chinese stir fry with cheese baked in a pizza.  And at that moment, I knew that this will be my very first and last meal there.  The service was quite alright but the food tasted horrible.
I started getting picky about pizzas ever since I visited this little place that serves the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life to date.  After the pizzas at this place, Domino’s Pizza tasted like plastic to me, California Pizza Kitchen was average but the pizzas are expensive, I never step into Pizza Hut because I don’t believe sambal or rendang should be considered as a topping.  Sarpino’s at Mont Kiara reminds me of Domino’s in terms of texture and ingredients, but it is much more expensive than Domino’s, and there is this one other place in Sri Hartamas shopping centre called Sure Pizza, which is pretty good, but a bit expensive,  made by this Italian man who owns the business.  He does all the cooking and the staff he hires just wait on customers and do the cleaning.
Wish I’ve taken some pictures of the pizza parlour, but I was too busy talking to my firends and critisizing the pizzas that I forgot to take out my camera to snap a few pictures.  I did not try the pasta dishes, so I can’t say if those are better or worse than the pizzas.  But because I make pasta at home regularly, I did not have the urge to order a pasta dish.  For those who would like to check out this place:
Marco’s Pizza
No 81-85, Jalan SS25/2, Taman Bukit Emas
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +60 3 78035000
The prices are quite reasonable and all items on the menu comes in regular and large, except for the appetizers and drinks.
And if you are ever in Santa Monica, California, you MUST stop by this place for pizza.
Wildflour Pizza
2807 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 392-3300

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