My Talk at the SA Bootcamp

As all my demos are based on online walkthroughs and tutorials, I will just post up the links here and feel free to drop by these sites, fire up your Visual Studio and try out the tutorials!
Consists of downlodable step-by-step video tutorials that covers Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio Express, Data Access, Object Oriented Programming etc.
This is the Microsoft Developer Network website that consists of all the information you need to get started on .NET.
This website has got a lot of sample applications.  Useful for students who are looking for ideas on what to do for their final year project and assignments.
Learn more about the Microsoft, the people, the culture as well as upcoming and current Microsoft Technologies.
For those who are interested in Windows Mobile Development:
Tons of Windows Mobile related downloads, tutorials, articles whitepapers etc
Great site for Windows Mobile development walkthroughs and tutorials
There are too many great sites for me to list it all down in this one blog entry.  Google is a great place to start!
It has been my pleasure to meet with all the old and new SAs during the bootcamp.  I hope this bootcamp provides invaluable information and experience for everyone. The title Microsoft Student Ambassador is not to be taken lightly.  It commands a lot of dicipline, good organization and communication skills and most importantly, the ability to drive the students in your respective campuses to apply technologies in ways that can make the world a better place to live.

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