Third Microsoft Student Ambassador Bootcamp

It feels strange to attend my third Microsoft Student Ambassador for I have graduated for quite some time now and I am now part of the Microsoft Student Ambassador alumni.  I will be doing a talk on Visual Studio Express tomorrow for the bootcamp and I am still working on the demo and slides right at this point in time.  I have seen the Student Ambassador program evolve over the years and one of the greatest benefits derived from this program is the need to stand out from the rest by being able to give presentations, organize workshops and events as well as the chance to guide some students who have no idea what they want to do after graduating from their respective colleges.
The tangible and intangible benefits derived from this program is invaluable.  Every new student ambassador is given a welcome kit that consist of books, software, a t-shirt, a backpack and some other cool stuff.  This batch of student ambassadors also get something called the launch kit, in conjunction with the recent launch of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 in November.  Student ambassadors are required to launch these technologies in their respective campus.  The kit consists of all the resouces needed for them to organize the launch.
I hope my session tomorrow on Visual Studio Express will shed some light for the new SAs on what it is all about and how and how they can apply this for their presentations in their own campuses as well as how they can use it for their own projects and assignments.

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