On PDC ’05 Updates

The last few days have been packed with attending PDC keynotes, sessions, checking out the exhibit hall, hands-on-labs and exploring my new gadget (pics coming soon). 
PDC has been been very exciting so far with so many sessions to attend, from Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2005, Avalon, Indigo, SQL Server 2005 and many more.  The keynote on Tuesday was 4 hours long, with the highlight of the iMate Jasjar selling for $149 exclusively for PDC attendees and you can throw in a Plantronics Bluetooth headset for only $9.99!  Besides that, there was of course the hilarious video of Bill Gates with Napoleon Dynamite, some demos on Windows Vista, Office 12, Indigo, Avalon Atlas and LINQ.
PDC attendees were given "the goods", which consists of Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2005 RC, a voucher to participate in the Office 12 Beta Program, a copy of SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition once it is released and many more goodies.
There was an attendee party at the Universal Studios, Hollywood yesterday evening and I have managed to cover some of the rides that I have missed out during the last PDC.   I particularly like The Mummy rollercoaster and the Back to the Future motion master.  Not to mention the Universal Studio tour that is not to be missed if you are ever in Universal Studios. There was free flow of food and beverages all night at all the restaurants within Universal Studios and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as well!  It was a great evening although I was freezing my bottom off during the Universal Studio tour.  We were back at the hotel around 12:30AM, make some phone calls, check some e-mails and called it a night.
More great sessions and Birds of a Feather till midnight today.  Microsoft PDC evenst are usually exhausting because sessions run all day long and you need as much energy as you can get to pull through all the sessions that you want to attend.  But of course to keep the attendees energized, snacks, fruits and drinks are available in limitless quantity all day long throughout the convention centre.
Tomorrow will be the last day of PDC and I do not look forward to packing all the things which I have gotten during the conference…but I look forward to coming home and getting some work done  before my next trip in November.

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