On Arizona – Part 2

Have been really busy for the past few days, packing, flying back to LA for PDC 2005 and getting some errands out of the way.  Today is the second day of the pre-conference session at PDC and I am now in the "Patterns & Practices for Designing Service Oriented Applications" session.  More on the pre-conference sessions in my upcoming blogs.
On my last two days in Arizona, we went up to the Grand Canyon National Park and I took some great pictures.  Although I wished that we have got more time to do some hiking on the trails around Grand Canyon and float the currents of the Colorado river, but it was still great as I got to see a really beautiful and awe-inspiring view.  We spent the night at a nice hotel at Flagstaff and had a great lunch at an Italian restaurant called Oregano’s the next day before driving back to Gilbert.
I spent the evening packing, watching a really funny movie called the Office Space and finishing off some leftover pasta from the Cheesecake Factory, another great restaurant that we have dined in.  The Toblerone almond cheesecake is one of the best cheesecake that I have ever tasted although ordering the Long Island Iced Tea was a grave mistake.  And did I tell you they have about 50 over types of cheesecakes on their menu?
We left early the next morning to return the car at Hertz and headed to the airport to catch a plane back to LA.  After checking into the hotel and catching up on some e-mails and work, we headed out for a stroll around downtown LA and had some salads from McDonald’s before calling it a night.
I had a great time in Arizona and thanks Chip & Beth for spending time with us and showing us around!
The next few days will be fully packed with full day PDC sessions, BOF sessions, dinner receptions and of course, Universal Studios.
More on PDC 2005 in my upcoming blog entries.

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