On Arizona Trip – Part 1

I have just arrived in Los Angeles yesterday evening and decided that it is probably better to put up a night at a nearby hotel instead of hanging out at LAX for 12 hours until our connecting flight to Pheonix the next morning.  If you plan to spend a night or two at a nearby airport hotel in Los Angeles, do check out the LAX visitor information counter to obtain your traveler’s aid hotel rate.  We paid about $50 for a nice room at Four Points Sheraton situated about 5 minutes away from the airport, free shuttle provided to and from the hotel.
We caught a 8:28AM United flight to Pheonix today and landed at the Sky Harbor International Airport around 10:00AM.  We rented a car and drove to our friend’s house in Gilbert.  The weather over here is much warmer than expected.  Chip and his wife, Beth have just returned from Burning Man, something that I want to do and is high up in my list next year, especially after listening to their experiences from the trip.
They have a lovely house in Gilbert, Arizona and we will be spending a few days with them before flying back to LA for the Microsoft PDC 2005.
We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and did some shopping after that.  There is a place called SurLa Table which sells all kinds of cooking utensils, chocolate, spices and cookbooks.  I gaped in awe at all kinds of cooking utensils imaginable, good chocolates that I have only read about in online recipes but will never be able to get back home, overpriced cookbooks that will eventually end up in my book shelf one day and everything else that you will ever need to have in a well equipped kitchen.
There will be more shopping tomorrow, Grand Canyon on Thursday aand heading back to LA on Saturday.  More on Arizona and Grand Canyon in the next few days.

One response to “On Arizona Trip – Part 1

  1. Wow! Looks like SurLa Table has more choices to provide compared with ChunYip, Ikea Utensils, and a couple of other bakery shops in KlangValley combined. 😉

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