Microsoft MSF and Visual Studio Team System Training

I have been busy last week attending the Microsoft Solutions Framework and Visual Studio Team System training at Iverson Associates in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama.  Not to mention packing for a weekend snorkelling trip to Lang Tengah Island.  More on that later. 
For the first two days of the training, we covered the Microsoft Solutions Framework and it was conducted by Dr Wong from Microsoft (Malaysia) who is with Microsoft Consulting Services.  He walked us through the fundamental concepts of Microsoft Solutions Framework such as project management, team work, the different process models in MSF, risk management and requirements analysis.  We continued on the third day with Visual Studio Team System where we were to complete a hand-on-lab on how to setup and use Visual Studio Team System from start to finish.  Although I do not forsee my team to be using Visual Studio Team System soon, but doing the hands-on-labs has given me more insight into how a software project should be managed and how a team should work together to meet the deliverables in a software project.

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