A Weekend of Serenity

The haze in Selangor was so severe last week that me and my friends decided to pack up and go off for the weekend.  We have nowhere specific in mind, and hence stumbled across Rantau Abang and I’m glad that I did.
Do not expect to do anything adventurous for this is not the place.  On the contrary, this is a place where you can relax and enjoy sunrise and sunset, take a walk along the golden deserted beach, have a swim in the sea (when the water is less choppy), have your meals beside the beach with the gentle breeze in your hair…well you get the idea.  The place which was once famous as a landing place for leatherback turtles to lay their eggs are no longer frequented by these turtles.  But all is not lost, you can still learn about the turtles by taking a short walk to the turtle information centre which is right across from where we stay.  We stayed at a place calld "Awang’s Beach Bungalows" and I highly recommend it for this place is clean, situated right on the beach with friendly and courteous people catering to all your needs.  The food at the restaurant by the beach is reasonbly priced too.
My weekend was well spent for I’ve managed to catch up on some sleep, spend time with friends and talk about things totally unrelated to work, waking up to the sea in front of my room, collecting shells, taking pictures and getting sun burnt fallling asleep on the beach.
Nevertheless, it was a fantastic weekend and I hope to do it more often.

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