Danny’s Hot Dogs at Hartamas Square

Ever encountered moments when you absolutely crave for a decent hotdog and you would go to the extreme to look for one?  I know I have! 🙂

A friend of mine introduced me to Danny’s Hot Dogs (which just opened recently) in Hartamas Square.  They serve All-American style hotdogs with the works – mustard, relish, pickle, bacon bits and other freshly prepared condiments.

Unlike the other hotdogs you get in KL, the sausages at Danny’s have been specially prepared – they’ve got an unrivalled meaty and juicy bite compared to the standard rubbery and dry fare which we usually find in other local hotdog joints.  That first bite of a Danny’s Hot Dog was indeed rapturous!  Oh, and did I mention that the hotdogs at Danny’s are larger (and thus better value) too? 🙂

Condiments such as relish, onions, pickles, mustard and chili are generously ladled into your hotdogs, unlike other local hotdog joints where you’d practically have to beg them for another slice of onion.

There are currently six varieties of hotdogs on Danny’s menu, from the traditional "Quintessential Chicago Dog" to the "Dallas BBQ Dog", and of course their very own Danny’s Original American style.

"The New Yorker" and the "Carolina Dixie Dog" are easily my favourites although I occasionally like to stray and opt for a "Quinessential Chicago Dog" instead because of its poppy seed bun.  Have you ever tried an A & W coney dog or a 1901 Texas Ted?  You might think those were pretty decent till you have a taste of Danny’s Chili.  The chili is thick and filled with chunks of juicy beef blended into the spices and aroma of the chili, and not to mention the generous amount of chili they will ladle into your hotdog.

They will be serving nachos and chili cheese fries very soon and I am really looking forward to it.  Although it is a small hotdog stall compared to other hotdogs establishments around KL, they have won my heart with their excellent hotdogs and the consistently good customer service.  Their store is located at Hartamas Square in Sri Hartamas.  It can be easily located as Hartamas Square is right next to Coffee Bean and across from a restaurant called Uncle Don’s.  Danny’s Hotdogs is located right at the entrance of Hartamas Square.


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